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P2 MXF/XF-AVC MXF files workflow with Adobe Premiere Pro CC/CS6

November 29 2016 , Written by jolin zhu Published on #p2 mxf to premiere pro cs6, #canon xf-avc mxf to premiere pro cc, #p2 mxf workflow with premiere pro, #xf-avc 4k mxf files work with adobe premiere, #convert p2 mxf to mpeg-2 for premiere, #convert xf-avc mxf to mpeg-2 for premiere cc, #import p2 mxf files to premiere pro cs6, #transcode sony mxf files for premiere, #editing canon mxf movies in premiere pro

Let's have a look at how to play all kinds of MXF files(Panasonic P2 MXF, Canon XF-AVC MXF, Sony MXF) with Adobe Premiere Pro CC, CS6, CS5 without any problems. Source From: Import Canon/Sony/Panasonic MXF files to Premiere Pro CC/CS6 "Is it possible...

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Importing MTS(m2ts) AVCHD files to Pinnacle Studio 17/16/15/14 for editing smoothly

November 24 2016 , Written by jolin zhu Published on #mts to pinnacle studio, #work m2ts with pinnacle studio, #convert m2ts to pinnacle studio, #mts to wmv for pinnacle studio, #mts to avi converter for pinnacle studio, #edit m2ts files in pinnacle studio

Read this tutorial to learn how to convert MTS to Pinnacle Studio compatible video files so as to edit MTS as well as M2TS files in Pinnacle Studio 17/16/15/14 smoothly. Here we list the input formats of Pinnacle Studio – Import Formats Video: MVC, AVCHD,...

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How to Delete/Remove/Replace audio track from MXF recordings

November 9 2016 , Written by jolin zhu Published on #delete audio from mxf footage, #remove audio track from mxf file, #how to replay the background music from mxf video, #disable sound from c300 ii 4k mxf files, #convert mxf to mov by removing audio track, #mxf to mp4 without audio track

In this article we’ll show you removing background music or audio track from a MXF video file using the easy-to-use software called Brorsoft MXF Converter for Mac (macOS Sierra included) and Windows(10). Q1:" I recorded a MXF video when walking down the...

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Best MTS converter for Windows 10 - Change MTS/M2TS files on Windows 10

November 2 2016 , Written by jolin zhu Published on #convert mts on windows 10, #convert m2ts on windows 10, #best windows 10 avchd converter, #play mts files on windows 10

To enjoy MTS/M2TS videos on Windows 10, you must convert MTS/M2TS to MP4/WMV. Here is the best method of converting MTS/M2TS AVCHD format files on Windows 10. Keep reading... Have you upgrade to windows 10 ? I downloaded and installed the preview version...

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MXF to Wii - Best Software for Converting MXF files for Wii Playback

October 25 2016 , Written by jolin zhu Published on #mxf to wii, #convert mxf to avi format playback, #mxf to mov for wii, #best mxf converter for converting mxf files to wii

We also received many feedbacks asking if it is possible to play the MXF movies on Wii or its successor Wii-U.Now, let's check the best method here. Competing with Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3, the Wii is also a home video game console...

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How to Play Panasonic/Sony/Canon MXF files on Kinle Fire Tablet

October 18 2016 , Written by jolin zhu Published on #mxf to kindle fire, #canon mxf to kindle fire, #add p2 mxf to kindle fire, #best sony mxf to mp4 converter, #play mxf movies on kindle fire tablet

MXF files can't be played on Kindle Fire tablet? Fix this format incompatible issue with best MXF player/converter for Kindle Fire below. Kindle Fire only supports videos in MP4 and VP8 format. So if you have got a collection of MXF movies and want to...

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Convert Panasonic AJ-HPX2000 P2 MXF to DNxHD mov for Avid MC 8.5/8

October 13 2016 , Written by jolin zhu

This article is the quick tutorial aims to simplify the Panasonic P2 MXF to Avid Media Composer workflow. So if you meet issues of converting and importing Panasonic AJ-HPX2000 P2 MXF files for editing in Avid, Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas Pro, let’s together...

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Good MTS Video Converter to import Sony NEX-EA50UH MTS to Premere Pro CC/CS6(macOS Sierra)

October 10 2016 , Written by jolin zhu Published on #sony ea50uh mts to premiere pro, #sony mts to premiere pro cc macos sierra, #edit sony ea50uh avchd in premiere pro, #import sony ea50uh mts to premiere pro, #convert sony ea50uh avchd to mpeg-2 for premiere cc, #work sony mts files with premiere pro cc, #Transcode Sony NEX-EA50UH AVCHD to MPEG-2

If you are just facing the issues while editing Sony NEX-EA50UH MTS in Premiere Pro(no matter Adobe PP CS4/CS5/CS6/CC), read on to get the most efficient solution. I worked with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Two Years ago i bought A Sony NEX-EA50UH camcorder...

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MTS/M2TS to WMP - Adding/Playing AVCHD files on Windows Media Player 12/11

October 2 2016 , Written by jolin zhu Published on #mts to windows media player, #m2ts to windows media player, #avchd to windows media player, #mts to wmv for windows media player, #play avchd on windows media player, #add m2ts to windows media player 12

Still puzzled with the question on how to play AVCHD (mts, m2ts) files in Windows Media Player 12? Here is the right place you come! “Why Windows Media Player won’t play AVCHD files? I have recorded some commercial material with Sony AVCHD camcorder,...

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